The start of this reminds me of a mixture between Death Cab For Cutie and the music in the game Destiny. Great stuff so far.

I was really hoping there'd be a heavy part after all that buildup but it sort of just kept going. I wouldn't have minded hearing some distorted guitar crushing on the downbeats after a couple minutes.

Great song but, very relaxing and inspired.
You get a very full sound out of your one guitar; I can only imagine how pretty this could sound with another track or two doing melodies. I'd try changing effects/your tone in order to define section changes. You could also gain a lot by adding some percussion; even just adding a tambourine or floor tom would add a lot of movement to this piece.

I think the part at 5:20 could transition into something bigger, like a part two to the song.

Overall, I really liked this.
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love this man! seriously good shit the atmosphere is great it feels almost like tears of the lid near the end
def keep it up would love to hear more