I'm trying to put a Dimarzio D-Activator 8 in my guitarist's Schecter Omen 8 (don't ask me why after six years he doesn't know how to solder.) When I wire everything according to the diagram, I get the faintest hint of a signal from the bridge pickup. On a whim I flipped the phase and get a full out of phase signal. Am I missing something here or do I just have a lemon pickup?
when in doubt take the pickup out and test it with a multimeter. Set it to 20k in ohms and put one wire on the hot lead and one on the ground. If it's a 4 wire pickup it's harder to explain on here.

I'd open the control cavity and see how well the pickup is soldered in. Just focus on the back of the volume potentiometer and see how well the pickup is soldered to the selector switch. Not sure it's a cold solder but it's an out of the box idea as if the pickup shorts from say touching internal shielding the whole pickup signal is gone.
That is true. The only time you don't have to is doing a series/parallel wiring. It's a hum cancelling coiltap.

Of course this is a seymour duncan diagram so you'd have to convert the color code.

this is the color code

not sure this is going to pop up but if it comes up as a link this will help with the series/parallel wiring. Push pulls are very cheap on ebay. Any questions about them send me a message privately.
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