hi about one month ago i wrote a song and recorded a rough draft. now i want to re-record and submit it for an upcoming compilation and the deadline is thursday but i broke my middle finger last week (don't ask) and can't play guitar. i can do everything else like vocals and drums and piano in my DAW but i need someone to record a really really simple riff (eight single notes long) forty four times on acoustic guitar. none of my friends play guitar or i would not be posting here like a loser

if you have an acoustic guitar, a basic audio interface (preferably focusrite scarlett series cause i'm gonna be using mine to record vocals and if the guitar and vocal tracks have a similar atmosphere/vibe that's good) and decent microphone (mine is audio technics 2020) and a simple DAW like garageband or reaper and have a free night to do this i'll pay you $30 through paypal

the riff is REALLY simple. its just eight single notes. and you repeat the riff forty four times at 83 BPM. ill send you a short version that i recorded last month you can just do the exact same thing but repeat it for longer. you have to fingerpick --- no pick

should not take more than 30 minutes

please let me know by sending me a message or replying to this thread.

sorry for any grammatical errors, typing is very annoying right now.
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Hey. I have a focusrite scralette 2i2.I'll do it.

This guy.

He'll do it!