I say signed-ish because we have signed a band fostering deal with lots of recording time from February to May. We play music that's kind of like Jimmy Eat World, Pavement and Built to Spill mixed together. Our lead guitarist of two years quit a month ago and we can't find any friends who are good enough or aren't in other bands right now.


Here's our Bandcamp. We sound better than those recordings and have more fun. We're all in high school (Bassist and me are both 18, drummer is 15, but really phenomenally good and isn't on any recordings with us) so it would be good if you were in high school as well. As part of our deal, we practice from 5-8 in Kirkland every Wednesday and will probably add another practice in addition once college apps stop being due.

If you're interested, respond, PM or email me at rtsmith.sea@gmail.com.

Thanks so much!