Right, so, I'm new, good day.

Any way, I am not planning on doing any recordings any time soon, I can barely play, but I am curious about a number of things:

My parents are incredibly fortunate to own a brilliant 1.2M home. I mean this thing's effing great. Our housing economy's not as great as you think so it's probably a hell of a lot smaller than you're thinkin'.

Anyway, so, in the basement they have a home theatre set up. It's maybe, i dunno, 30x15ft? 9ft ceilings. Three level tiers. Projector, everything mounted through the wall, players accessed behind the wall, etc. this thing's completely soundproofed to the nine's, decked out with some sexy ass speakers, irregular walls and recessed lighting, everything's pure black, panels on the walls to shift the sound around and whatever. This thing's volume is measured in db, and goes up to a low budget cinema sound range. Other than the carpeted floors, it's great. You can chuck it up to max and the house shakes but you can't hear anything but muffled bangs.

Point is, out of curiousity, how well would this thing convert to a studio room? I mean, the problem lies in multipurposing it, the stuff'd have to be movable, and the projector screen wall could be a bit of a problem. But the soundproofing and speaker set up... I mean, it wasn't designed for music, so how would this thing pan out?

I'm unlikely to use it, but it's something my head won't stop questioning me about.
Sounds ready-made as a home project studio. Bring in a laptop, interface, and some near-field monitors and you are done.
You'd have to bring in all the stuff because mixing on a cinema speaker setup is just not gonna be what you want. But as far as a room goes, irregular walls, recessed lighting and all, it sounds damn good.

Take a small desk, your monitors and a laptop in there, job done.

Also hi i'm new too