Ok so here's the deal... I've been doing guitar repairs for quite some time now. Someone just dropped off an original 1968 Fender Esquire! This was a $20,000 guitar until it suffered extreme flood damage. He wants me to fully restore it and switch out all the original parts, but keep the body and neck original with new finish. He also wants a price estimate and I have no idea what to charge him and I have no idea if this guitar is even salvageable. Any help? I desperately need it...
Pretty sure that guitar is only worth like 4k-5k mint unless it belonged to someone famous, but anyway, IMHO (and I am not an appraiser by any means) having a vintage Fender where the only things original are the body and neck would basically kill any value the guitar originally had. If you aren't sure it's even salvageable then, if it were me, I wouldn't even take the job. If the wood itself is still on good shape and can be saved then you could make it a good, playable guitar again, but it damn sure won't be a '68.
Explain to him that you've never attempted a refinish like this before. Tell him it's going to just be time and materials, and you will contact him if it starts getting out of hand.

Also, I agree with Invader Jim. No way a '68 is worth $20,000 without some kind of pedigree and non vintage parts are going to kill any value it had before.
Yeah you guys are correct. It's not that expensive. He wants more original parts for it off of other '68s. But what I just don't know how much to charge him for the work and supplies.
I will add pictures.
I have always charged 10 bucks an hour for labor plus the full cost of parts. Always worked fine for me but I've never done anything like an overhaul before. And finding those parts (especially pickups) is going to be very expensive and probably quite difficult.

The biggest issue will be the finish. There's a definite tonal difference between a new finish and an old one. I used to just think that was audiophool tone-mojo bull until I refinished an '80s Kramer I used to have. Even with the same pickups, it didn't really have that awesome '80s tone that it had before.