I recently bought a Peavey Classic 30 tube amp as my main amp. I'm very pleased with, it have and amazing sound and it's very loud!

But, in the store I see a little practice/bedroom amp called Fender Mustang I v2, it claims to have a sound simulation of classical Fender amps, does anyone have it? works and sounds well? or its just smoke?

It's really cheap and have headphone output, would be interesting buy it and use it to practice at home when you can not make noise (with or without phones)
It's one of the best budget modelling amps, IMHO. Great for clean and low-gain tones.

But the Peavey Classic 30 should sound better even at really low volume, and for headphone playing something like a Zoom G3/G3X or a Line6 POD could be a better option since you can also use it with the Classic 30.