I mean, I know Taylor Swift is hot and all guys.

But y'all been sleeping on this ish for years.

Maybe tab out some actual music and people won't think your site is a one-stop shop for 13-year old Nirvana fans who can't figure out how to riff out 'Rape Me'.

Just saying........
Every Taylor Swift Song:

G, B, Em, D, A, C, F

just mix those around until you find the right combo. Oh and maybe throw and Am in there once in a while if it's a sad song.
Quote by BichNga407
F*ck how come your URL tags don't work anymore.

F'ing britboys.

Well then. Here I was, reading your username and expecting you to link to a dope-ass Dre song that hadn't been tabbed. I was prepared to support you because there aren't enough tabs for rap songs with good basslines and/or riffs in them...

And then you go and link some noise rock garb.
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