So recently I bought a guitar and I am not sure is this is fixable?
I was trying to play by tabs and was using a kapo.. afterwards fell on the guitar which had kapo on (4fret), so it kinda broke..

Few photos(potato quality):
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if its a cheap guitar its probably not worth fixing, a luthier would charge more than the guitar is worth.

if you're lucky you can just glue and clamp it and it will be playable, but there is a risk of the neck being warped.
I was thinking about fixing it myself, since it looks simple, but i don't have clamps. What can i replace clamps with?
What the..? How did you even do this!?
Yeah, it shouldn't be too bad to try it yourself. It looks like a pretty clean break.
I bought a set of 4 ratcheting clamps at Home Depot for about 10 bucks. They aren't terribly expensive.
Remove the strings, and the nut (it may not even be glued). See that the broken sections fit together well... They should.
Buy a good grade of wood glue; Titebond or Titebond II is excellent.

For clamps, i would suggest that rather than carpentry clamps, you use either rope or rubber. Regular clamps must be padded to avoid damaging the guitar.
An old bicycle inner tube works very well.... just cut it lengthwise to make very long strips about 1/2" wide.

The main thing to worry about (and the pictures are so poor that I can't tell) is that the truss rod slot is compromised.
yeah, I already removed the strings, nut isn't glued and broken section fits together.

So yeah, I'll try to find clamps at my local stores(which i doubt i can find, but..) and try to fix this. Thanks