Unfortunately, the humidity in my house is dropping waaaaaaaay below 40%, in fact, my hygrometer currently reads 24%. It was 20% earlier. So, for now, since I'm letting my mother use this weeks Child Support as a thank you for buying me my guitar, I can only spend a VERY small amount on something for moisture and it looks like the above link is all I can afford because I'm using the rest of the money for food. So, my questions are:

Is this humidifier good for acoustic guitar, that is, will it even work? Is this all I need, or is there an entire humidifying set that I need in order to have an impact on the moisture? Also, does it HAVE to be distilled water? Or can I use tap water conditioner to remove the chemicals from the water? Thanks a bunch.
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It's better than nothing. I have one of these that came with a 3 pack of guitar strings. The sponge dries out pretty quickly, like 2-3 days. I don't know why you have to use distilled water(chlorine?). I use filtered tap water. I believe you said in the other thread that you have a hard case? If you keep it in there, that definitely helps. This case humidifier with clay holds moisture a little longer http://www.ebay.com/itm/Herco-HE360-Guitar-Case-Humidifier-/191416854557?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2c9155681d
With the soft case, I think the humidifier you linked would probably work best since it fits between the strings into the sound hole. The Kyser lifeguard would probably be even better since it pretty much seals the sound hole but it's more expensive and it might not be an issue if you keep it in the case during the dry seasons. I understand your concern but I wouldn't worry too much. Even an all solid guitar isn't gonna dry out and crack in 1 winter. It would take years of neglect. Play it and enjoy it!

I really don't know about the tap water issue but I can't imagine it would be that big a deal. Maybe someone else will chime in on that.
For now, I'm going to try the Herco HE360 Guitar Case Humidifier first since it's less expensive. Then I will try the other one probably next week or the week after to see which is better. Do we know how the Lifeguard and Herco HE360 work?
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when my house got dry and we didn't have a humidifier, i boiled pots of water till i got the house up past 50%. with the windows closed, it took hours to drop back down. then i ended up using an $8 hotpot, refilling it every so often.