Hey guys, so, I own a Schecter Damien Platinum 6, it's an FR Special.

I've been having some issues with it, especially lately, I first noticed it when I took the guitar out of its case (been using my Epi a lot lately), and all the strings were way off, and the D was lower pitched than the low E. So I decided I needed new strings and a setup anyway so I went to GC and got the tech to do it.

He told me the problem was the D string, and that it broke inside the FR while it was inside the case, which set all the other strings out of tune. So, he does the job and the guitar plays great for the next few days, and then while I'm doing a half-step bend on the D string it suddenly "drops" and gets back to that same out of tune low pitch. I whipped out my allen wrench to see what the issue was myself, and sure enough, the D string had broken inside the FR, with just a small little piece still in the bridge while the rest of the string popped out as soon as I started turning the little saddle screw.

So, it seems to happen pretty often, and really gets in the way of my playing and ultimately my enjoyment of the guitar, so my question is: is there anything I can do to fix this (it only happens to the D)?

Also, on an maybe-related note, it is a special, and not Original or 1000, so could it be the bridge that sucks? My friend's got only originals (hundreds of them), and none of them ever fail him, but the moment I let him play mine and he divebombed it, it instantly went out of tune. So anyway, with all that, what do you guys think?
Well the whole thing about the special is that it's the same design as the 1000, just with cheaper materials. So, the possible risk there is that it might get some sharp edges or something. Should be fixable though. Just needs that spot in the D string saddle smoothed out.

Regarding your friend doing a divebomb and it going out of tune, if it's set up right, that shouldn't happen. The specials are definitely the lower end Floyd, but they're not THAT bad. Unless something is defective, it should still hold tune after divebombs just fine.
Sorry for the delayed response guys.

Anyway, so where could I go to get it smoothed it out (too risky of a job for me to try)? I have a guitar shop called JC's Guitars around here, and then there's Guitar Center, but from what I hear I don't want to deal with them.
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