Hey guys, I have about £400 max to buy a new guitar and thought this would be a good place to come for advice and/or feedback. I currently play an Ibanez RG09 LTD Pegasus with a Floyd tremolo and feel it's time to add a new guitar without an FR for ease of tuning etc.

I've come across the two guitars in the thread title and don't know which one to go for. I'm not a massive fan of active pick-ups, which the EC-311 has, but it's a nice shape and it does sound pretty sweet. I play a lot of metal and growly stuff but also a mix of other genres as well. So as long as the guitar has a nice warm growl it's all good.

However the Omen Extreme (6 string) really appeals and I've heard it play and it sounds pretty good. It has a nice shape although I'm not sure about the Diamond open coil pick-ups.

Anyway, don't want to ramble on, which of these two guitars would be better, in your opinions? Or are there any others for less that £400 that are better than both and have passive pick-ups and don't have FR's?
Quote by pantallica87
You can get better quality if you buy used gear.

Any examples I could look out for?
Hellraisers can be bought used for 350-400. Banshees have passive pickups and im sure you could score a used one for 400. Both are higher quality than an omen.
The Diamond pickups in the Omen are actually really good, for stock brand standards. They're based on Schecter's higher end, hand-wound custom shop pickups. So, if you really want to go new, I'd highly recommend an Omen for that price range. But yeah, with that kind of budget, it's really smart to go used. As Pantallica said, the Hellraisers and Banshees can be found used in that range, and they've got EMG or Seymour Duncan pickups. Plus they look cooler. I have a Hellraiser. It's pretty much the tits.
EC 401 even an EC1000 can be got at £350/£400 2nd hand.
Theres a schecter lady luck rolling around on the facebook selling pages for £150.
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