So there's a new Band Aid out or something. What do you think of Band Aid? I think the concept is good to be honest but there's a lot of stuff flung around about being guilt tripped into helping Africa, that it's condescending and colonial of Western nations, Fuse ODG turned down appearing in it because he thought the lyrics were patronising and condescending.

There's also facts like that n the 30 years since Band Aid the likes of Bob and Bono have become substantially richer...Meanwhile "Africa" remains poor and patronised

Obligatory funny parody video:

Your thoughts?
I think that it's condescending and post-colonial and unnecessarily destructive in the long-term of Western celebrities and philanthropists (and that the overlap between the two is less than it should be).

Also, the organization behind that vid is voicing it's disagreement with the tone of the current band aid, just as a non-interesting fyi.

Obviously spending money to fight ebola is nice&cool, and if you really need a music video to do so, maybe check out this? And donate here?
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band aids are important, cause if you get cut they protect the cut from infection and stuff
We should buy their single because they spend a couple of hours recording this? they are the millionaires. let them make a donation instead of re-using the song for the 4th goddamn time

Shouldn't Bob be mourning is daughters death as well at this point?
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Of course they know it's Christmas. White people are stupid.

Plus, there are hundreds of millions of Christians in Africa. Almost 1/4 of the world's Christians are in Africa.

BTW, I heard a small village in Sierra Leone have recorded a charity single to buy Bob Geldof some new clothes and a haircut.