Hey all of you guitar/pedal fans out there! :-D

Lately I've been using my old Multi FX unit, Korg ToneWorks AX1000G, quite a lot.
Before I pulled it out from my closet, and finally took the time to understand it, I found out that it doesn't have quite a big memory, so in a couple of weeks I'll run out of memory..
I know there's a lot of Multi FX out there, and I came across one that I really like and I consider buying it. It's the Boss GT-100. The GT-100 has a lot of great features, which I really like and actually need for my band.

But, I wanna hear what you guys think about this unit?
It's a bit pricey, but from what I have heard and seen in a lot of videos, then it should be really good and a lot better than the older GT-10...

Good piece. I prefer the Line 6 Pod HD series, but there's nothing wrong with the GT-100.
I think it's more likely a question of taste.

I tend to find that Line 6 (and Boss, for that matter) tend to sound "digital", but I'm using them as a preamp also.

When you're saying you don't have enough memory, are you refering to the number of banks?
Aside from sound preferences?

Disclaimer: I have an Axe-FX Ultra and a Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B., and I think the Pod HD with the C.A.B. providing power amp simulation and cabinet IRs (and allowing you to add your own IRs) provides sound quality as good as anything out there. One more disclaimer: never judge a Pod based on the factory presets.

I have both the Pod HD Bean series and the floor model Pods, but honestly, I use the HD Bean more. I can program it using the editing software available for the computer. I don't *have* to squint at the tiny screen and poke at buttons. I can put it up on my desk using the available tilt stand and it doesn't take up much real estate at all. I can use that same stand to put the Pod on a mike stand so that I can see at a glance where it's set (saves bending over or kneeling down to squint at that same tiny screen and poke at making changes).

I play rowdy bars more than I like to admit. With the bean (or the rack version), you can put the important electronics in the backline. With a standard pedal unit like the HD500 or the GT-100, everything's out front in harm's way, including AC power brick and at least two good guitar cables (or the wireless receiver, if you're doing that). One sloshed female or enthusiastic bandmate is all it takes to offer hazard, involving booze, bodily fluids and even a falling body.

With the HD or Rack, all that's out front is an FBV Express or Shortboard with a cheap ethernet cable running to the backline. No AC power, no guitar cables, no vital electronics. If someone manages to take out one of the FBV pedal setups, you can go on playing at only slightly diminished capacity (unless you're smart enough to have a spare board -- the Shortboards are always under $99 used at your local GC).

But wait, there's more. If you have a Variax guitar (I have three, and they are definitely a dirty little secret) and either an HD500 or an HD Pro (rack), you can run what amounts to a hardened ethernet cable from your guitar and leave the Mogami at home. It gets better. A Variax has standard pickups as well as modeled guitars in the internal electronics. Wait, there's more. A Variax will allow you to set any alternate tuning (within about an octave of the tuned string's basic note) you like, without any string tension change. And the Pods will pass MIDI control signals as well. In essence, you can, with a single stomp, change the guitar model, the tuning of the guitar, the amp, the FX, the cabinet, and/or you can pass on MIDI signals that will control other pedals in your backline, including the Torpedo C.A.B. (which means you can change the power amp emulation and the cabinet IR), keyboard sequencer controls and even lights. And that Variax/Ethernet cable powers the guitar electronics, and it takes signal from the magnetic pickups AND the piezos via the internal electronics and passes them back to the Pod unit in the backline with all the expensive guitar cable nonsense a non-issue. No capacitance questions, no radio interference, etc.

The versatility should be apparent. In case it's not: suppose you're doing the Doobie Brothers' "Dangerous." The way the Doobs do it, there's an acoustic intro featuring an Open-G (or whatever) slide guitar (they have three acoustics including one with a cone resonator on Mbrace stands out front). There's a one-measure break (during which they step back from the acoustics and bring up the electrics they're slinging) and then the song rocks for a while, then goes back to an acoustic break, then back to the electrics. If you've got a Variax and a Pod, you do all that with a single guitar. And so on.

Oh, and the Pod HD Bean is small enough to fit into the pocket on some gig bags, so that you can haul it along for headphone practice (or for band practice if it involves plugging into the PA) in a very compact package.
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Quote by t1mman

I tend to find that Line 6 (and Boss, for that matter) tend to sound "digital", but I'm using them as a preamp also.

You'll want to take a look at Meambobbo's Tone Guide http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/ for the Pod HD. If you're just listening to the Pod based on the factory presets, what you think you're hearing as "digital" is likely just a setting or two that needs to be tweaked. Most likely the same principles can be applied to the BOSS unit as well.
I don't have Line 6 products anymore.
Used to have an UX2 with podfarm and a Spider Valve 112
Ended up playing my ToneLab EX in the Effect loop of the Spider Valve, I was more satisfied this way.

The Tonelab is easy to setup, with controls that resemble those of an amp, you chose the head, then you set it up the way you would if you'd have the head in front of you, Gain, EQ, etc. Pretty straight forward!
The GT-100's strength lies with using it in conjunction with a good amp. If you intend to be using the amp modeling, go for the Pod HD. I chose the GT-100 because I am using it with an RM100. If I was going to be relying on the FX unit to replace the amp, I would have bought the Pod HD500X.