my D and E string (steel one) broke , and i was wondering if their is a specific tuning i can tune the guitar for easy chord playing? i tried D G D G B D , no luck. I would buy some strings but i am camping , and town is too far away . thank you
What does the tuning have to do with broken strings?

But yeah, learn to play in standard tuning. It is the easiest tuning to play basic chords in.

D G D G B D (open G) will be easy if you only play major chords. But I don't think it's as versatile as standard. You can play any major chord with just one finger but minor chords will be harder to play and also it lacks the sound difference of different chord voicings. It may not sound really that great. The best tuning for chord strumming is standard tuning. I'm pretty sure it has become the standard tuning for a reason.