I got an early 70s Japanese replica of Gibson ES-175D (made by Morris). It looks VERY close to the original, and I read the founder/owner of Morris visited the Gibson factory and had a close relationship with them, so my hunch is that the measurements are precise enough that I can use any of the replacement ES-175 pickguards I see online (I don't need to find one made specifically for the Morris replica).

However, I'm confused about just what all the parts are for this type of pickguard, where they go, etc.

I have two screw holes on my body, one on the body right under where the neck sets into the body, and then on the side of the body, underneath (if held in playing position) near the top edge. These holes seem the same as for the original Gibson ES-175D.

So I get that I need a pick guard and two screws. What I'm not understanding is

(1) I've seen some pickguards sold with these black cubic lookin "mounting spacers," but I have no clue where those go, what the do.

(2) I've also seen these long "pick guard bracket" things, sometimes attached to a "mounting spacer" and sometimes not. I'm not sure how these are used. I'm guessing the somehow "marry" the bottom of the pick guard to the screw hole on the side / bottom edge of the guitar, but I cannot wrap my head around how they do that, how they connect to the pick guard, and I'm not even sure my guess is right.

(3) Some of the replacement pickguards I've seen have deeper cutouts around the pickguards. Those with shallower cutouts have a sort of semi-circle notch halfway under the cut-out. I can figure this out, partially. I can see those with the deeper cutouts seem designed to go around the entire pickup ring whereas those that are shallower are meant to be under the bottom edge of the pickup ring, with the semi-circle nudged up against the bottom-center screw of the pickup cover. So in the latter case, the pickup rings themselves help hold the pickguard to the guitar.

From pics I see of older Gibson ES175D's, I think the shallower ones that mount under the end of the pickup rings are more authentic. But I'm not wrapping my head around just how this can be a good thing. It seems to me that if the pickguard is wedged between the bottom of my pickup ring and the top of my guitar, that's going to create a gap along the sides of the pickup rings. I just don't get it, but it feels like this should look "mickey-mouse" to me as the pickup rings are flush to the body on top, but raised by the thickness of the pickguard off the body on the bottom.

I've googled trying to find a "how to" or video for replacing a ES175 pickguard, since a picture is worth a thousand words, but I found nothing. Can anyone here remedy my ignorance and confusion?