This is a quick 4-track demo I did of a new folk-rock type song that I wrote. Track one is guitar and vocals, two is mandolin and harmonies, three is bass, and four is the guitar solo. All the parts have a few flubs and I know that vocals are my weak point, but I think it turned out all right all things considered.


Here's the lyrics if anybody wants to follow along:

Good morning all oppressors
Who would wear a lamb’s disguise
I hope the beer of victory tasted sweet
Good morning those complacent
As their neighbors bleed and die
Know that on my watch their stories aren’t complete
As might be my nature, too long now I’ve sat quiet
But one more voice might be what makes you stop
Up until today I’ve only sat compliant
As the hill you built your town atop

The sun setting early
As the winter makes it do
Silhouettes the steeple of the church
It used to leave me guilty
Just like you designed it to
But there’s no one to watch me from that perch
The bored and the guilty make a hearty working class
Fear sitting inside you like a bomb
But it’s your sons and daughters who will have to take the blast
The harshness of your words, your fist or belt or palm

Each year the sun beats hotter than it did the year before
But I doubt that that’s what left you blind
Your children long to leave you, yeah each year you lose some more
And history has left your world behind

Hey there all young poets, painters
Scientists and more
Made to wear a farmer’s jeans and hats
Go out and face your fathers knowing
Full well what’s in store
Sometimes heavy shackles must be cast
To those who’d cast a child out because of who they love
A love denied to be denied in turn
You choose to let your hate over compassion rise above
And watch a future leave you maybe never to return