I'm really getting into the way Gemma Thompson from Savages and Keith Levene from Public Image Ltd (specifically on Metal Box) plays. I know a lot of it comes from effects and feedback. But do you know any good..noisemaking techniques?
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Just did a quick listen to Metal Box. Sounds like a lot of reverb being used. Lots of high gain distortion will give you lots of feedback especially when you play facing your amp. String raking is a good noise maker. Grunge bands do string rakes a lot.
Listening to The Metal Box, I'm not sure why you would want your guitar to sound like that. I try to be as artistic-minded as I can with music, but I'm having trouble here. It sounds puny and distant. Anyways, I think the bass was scooped out and the mic was recording a fair bit far away from the amp. It might also help to have a compressor to somewhat eliminate your attack from picking.

Noisemaking sounds:

Rake the strings on the border of the 4th fret. You should get some nasty harmonics, but you'll need some distortion to get them out.

Play a lower-octave 7th and the 4th on the A and D strings, respectively. So in the key of F major, play an E on the 7th of the A string, and a Bb on the 8th of the D string. Next, pinch harmonic those two notes. Gnarly.

Use a solid fuzz pedal, or something with a lot of fizz to it.

Hit open strings as much as possible without sounding too incompetent. It helps if those open strings are part of the current sounding chord.

Flail around and miss notes/chords all the time for the sake of intensity.
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