*gasps* *deep breath*

Okay. I found my Audio Jack that went missing. I wanted to see if I could hook up my electro-acoustic guitar to the speakers and see if it would play, but that didn't work out. Then I got curious and hooked it up to the microphone jack in my Desktop and loaded Audacity, which is what I use to record my songs with, and it actually played in the software and that's what I think is amazing. When I did that though, it sounded like an 80s sample recording, but I think I can use the mixer on the side to fix that.

My question is:
Do I need a midi mixing board for this? Or is it safe to just plug it straight into the computer and record that way?

I ask because it's too expensive for me to be risking anything and so I just want to be sure what I'm doing is safe for the guitar. It's better safe than sorry with a guitar this expensive. Thanks a bunch.
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i don't understand why you need Midi to record audio, but an interface is your friend.
it don't have to be expensive but will improve your recording quality exponentially when used correctly.
ask the guys in the recording sub forum
they got a whole big sticky on interfaces and recording.

also the safety issue... i guess it depends on your pickup, its probably fine but i reckon you are clipping (overloading) the signal hence the 80's sampler sound.
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If you're using the mic input on your computer to record or play guitar audio, the result is, as you've figured out, going to be pretty rough. Problem is, those inputs aren't really meant to record the high quality sound from a musical instrumental, let alone a cheap, $5 computer microphone. To put it bluntly, most computer sound cards are cheap and don't do much to complement audio.

I've been where you are and have finally come full circle, buying a 16-channel mixing console/DAW a couple of years ago. Getting ready to upgrade it to a 32-channel board real soon, but that's another topic.

Do yourself a huge favor - as already suggested... buy a cheap interface. Even the cheapest interface will sound better than the results you're obtaining from the mic input on your sound card. Look at Behringer, Saffire, Line 6 and others. Eventually, you'll outgrow your starter interface and want something better - more expensive. A full-featured DAW and mixing console will generally give even better results and allow more flexibility.

As already mentioned, check out the recording sub forum. Good luck!
Yeah, you just need an interface. The output on your guitar is not meant to go directly into a microphone jack, or a line-level jack on a mixer. It's meant to go to an amp and/or recording interface.

You don't need midi for recording. That's a whole different thing.
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