String Tension Assembler is free to use software and is now ready to be run and tested. It should be pretty straight forward on how it works. If you have questions or found a bug or have ideas on improvements my email address is there.

If you do not know what it is, Its basically the answer to "what gauge strings should I use for this tuning guys?" based on the setup you use.
How it works is you would pick the type of strings you use and set what tuning your in and what tuning you want to play in and it tells you the right tension strings you should use for that tuning.

Thanks to the D'addario for supplying all calculation formulas and info on the pounds of there strings I was able to turn it into a nifty little program.

String Tension Assembler Download: String Tension Assembler v.1.0.1 Beta has been released and now has 7 and 8 strings added and It also lets you add your own custom string gauges as options if you cannot find your set.

My email is there if anything is needed.

You can download it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6qewzyaid7kq89/String%20Assembler.exe?dl=1
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