Poll: Have you sent a dick pic
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15 71%
4 19%
I don't have a dick
2 10%
Voters: 21.
My ex asked me to. I was pretty uncomfortable with it because it's vain as hell and dicks are incredibly unattractive in the first place. I hid my face anyway.
I took a picture of my asshole and sent it with the caption "come live here xoxo"

a slight edge of my shaft was visible past the mound of my balls in the the picture. does that count?
Voted no, but then remembered that I did send one to my ex. Got the lighting and angle just right so it looked magnificent.
Technically yet but I was super drunk and it was just a blurry picture of the head. My dicks ugly anyway.
Quote by angusfan16
I took a picture of my elbow once and told this girl it was my ass