So my new G String turned up today, and I set it up at home and it worked a charm, but when I took it to practise earlier it suddenly broke. When hooked up correctly, no signal would pass through at all. As soon as I bypassed the FX loop I got signal, bit obviously no G String working.

Obviously fuming, I took it out the chain and just played. Go home and tried again and it's still broken. I'm sure my FX loop isn't broken as I quickly threw in another pedal and I worked fine. I tried it with a battery and that also didnt help. I power it with a daisy chain powering another 3 pedals, all 9V. Don't suppose dodgy power could have killed it?

How could a brand new pedal suddenly break like this? I didn't bang it about in transport, and it's set up how it should be. Even back at home no variables have changed from when it worked originally.

I'm so gutted, I guess I'll have to return it? Just so confused how it could completely break in a matter of hours! Any way to troubleshoot it? I've tried it just on its own through the loop with no other pedals and still nothing.
To use the “G” string with an external power adapter, select
an adapter with at least 100 milliamps capability at 9 volts
DC. Make sure the adapter is polarized “TIP NEGATIVE.”

This is the first thing I would investigate. I don't know exactly what you powered it with.
ANY electronic device can fail at any time without warning.
New or not.
Although quality is much better these days than it used to be so it doesn't happen that often.
But it can still happen.
If you just got it, I wouldn't even bother trying to diagnose it further if you have tested the obvious solutions. I would just bring it back to the store.

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If you just got it, I would even bother trying to diagnose it further if you have tested the obvious solutions. I would just bring it back to the store.

yeah if it's new (and therefore under warranty) don't try to fix it in case you inadvertently void the warranty. Sometimes things break, even when new. It sucks and is annoying, but there's not much you can do other than send it back.
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