Ok guys and gals I have a question.

The short version of my question is: Do tone/volume knobs and pickup selectors circuits affect the sound of your guitar. And no, I don't mean having x set to y on z knob or pick-up config. Does the circuitry or type of knob/selector affect your tone?

The expanded director's cut 3D IMAX: So I have an Epiphone fat310 that will be getting new pickups. As we all know the pick-ups, build, wood used for body and neck, bridge, strings, and amp+ change your tone. The pickups are going to be a Satch Tracker in the neck, an fs-1 in mid position, and a super-3 in bridge. All these pick ups will be Dimarzio unless convinced otherwise. These pickups don't have a whole bunch of output because I want more range for pick attack without it being in your face all the time. I may also add the EMG after burner to save me a pedal. I'm getting a chrome corrugated pickguard manufactured. Possibly painting the tremolo bridge, saddles, and tuners (which will definitely change the tone. Black paint=turbo metal) Because hey, why invest in an Ibanez JEM or vintage Gibson when I could invest $200-250+time to make it sound 2-3 times it's price. Sure it won't be a 1 piece guitar or a different wood and a floydrose/hardtail but I'm pretty much convinced on this route.

Should I invest in a different pickup selector or volume and tone potientiometer circuits?
The Epiphone control, particularly the selector switches, do have (or have had) a reputation of being less than optimum quality.
So you may want to change out the controls for better quality versions.

Painting the bridge, tuners, saddles won't do shit for tone, but could screw up proper tuning stability.
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The switch won't change the tone at all, but as mentioned above it might be smart to get a more reliable switch in there.

Pots definitely have some effect, it's not huge but in can be a nice upgrade, and again the stock pots are not the most reliable. So if you're already replacing the pickups, it's not a bad idea to scrap all the electronics and re-wire the guitar with some decent parts.
Are you sure you want to turn an Epiphone Fat-310 into a "Black Metal" guitar? You could just get by with what you have while you save up for one that you will notice feels and sounds 100% better.

Vintage Gibson >Modded Epiphone Fat-310 on Any Day.
JEM > Modded Epiphone Fat-310 On Any Day.

You probably haven't gotten to experience a much better guitar yet, I took me a couple years to realize what good guitar was.

In my opinion you should save up for a new guitar.
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yes they do. its more stuff. a lot of guitars just have a volume knob. for a reason. but that is relying very strategically on the quality / type of the guitar, the preference for a bridge pickup tone, and your guitar.
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