i have this app that shows a kind of graph looking thing where you put in the the

key of the song and the second bar is the key in which it is transposed . i never realy understood this at all .

say i do a I 4 5 progression in the key of C

so C - F - G

On the second bar for the key in which its transposed I put in (F)

Can i take the 4th degree of the F and switch it in with my progression?

say i want to go I 4 5 then back to 4 to switch it around can i go


If someone knows a good instruction on this let me know
You can do anything as long as you think it sounds good. In this instance, the A# doesn't fit in the scale, but if you play in C minor, you could play i-iv-v-VII (Cmin-Fmin-Gmin-A#). Or if you want to stay in a major key, but don't mind playing minor chords, you could play something like vi-ii-iii-V in D#. It all just comes down to whatever you think sounds good.
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