Hi guys,

This is my first post,
I am from Bangalore, India and I have been practising acoustic guitar since a year and a half and now I can play a bunch of chords and sing along a few easy songs. I wanted to perform for my office fest;

I play a Takamine G320. It doesn't have an amplifier port. So i use a basic Sound Hole pick up (500rupees) and connect it to Beta Aivin Ac-15 5w AMP in order to practice. If I need to perform on stage, what should I be using guys? please guide me.
It will be a pretty big auditorium. can I use the same 5w amp and then plug its output to a speaker to get louder sound enough to fill the whole space? Does using a cheap pick up on stage work?

Or is the only option left for me is to buy a mic and practise with it?

Need Help guys. Thank you
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In the future a post like this would be better suited to the gear threads. This thread is for topics relating to theory.

The loose rule of thumb on solid state amps is:
Below 75w makes a good practice amp
75w and above will get you over a drummer.

Regardless if you plug the 5w amp into a bigger speaker, you are still putting out 5w's of power.
Are they going to mic you up on stage? Do you need to be as loud as a drummer and full band?
If the venue is going to mic you up...great! You won't need to do much else. (Although, a 5w amp may not be loud enough even when mic'd up.)

I would strongly suggest investing in a new amp. I'm not sure what options are available to you in India but there are many options.
Without knowing your budget I would suggest a Fishman Loudbox.
They're lightweight, affordable, and are going to give you the boost you need.

If money isn't a problem then I suggest the Bose L1 system. The guitar pre's in them aren't the greatest but it's definitely portable and loud.

Hope that helps.
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If you are going to play live and mic your guitar, it makes no sense to mic your amp because you could go straight into the PA. (Guitar -> mic -> PA, not guitar -> mic -> amp -> mic -> PA.) You also need to make sure that the venue you are playing at has a PA that you can use.

But yeah, if you are just playing alone, you don't need to be that loud because there are no drums or other instruments that you need to be heard over. You may want a bit bigger amp to make sure you'll be loud enough (so that the audience isn't louder than you).


Oh, I understood you were micing the guitar. But yeah, if you are using a pickup, you could do the same. Just go straight into the PA.
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thank you very much for the reply guys.
I wil be playing alone. As I could read, I could plug in a pick up directly into PA.
actually it's a beginner pick up, it's a sound hole one.
it's going to be my first on stage performance. I play freely at friends' place etc. but I have zero experience, how would you guys suggest me to practice?
do I need to buy a mic or can I directly start singing over a mic, is it any different?

sorry for absolute newb questions. I'm confused and I want to set right things.
thanks for your time guys
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Oh, I understood you were micing the guitar. But yeah, if you are using a pickup, you could do the same. Just go straight into the PA.

Chances are the input on the mixer isn't going to have a guitar pre
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I gig acoustic a lot and prefer the Baggs M1A pickup with a DI Box into the PA system. The house then gives me a monitor mix which includes my guitar, vocals and sometimes keys. Give this a look as it sounds good and is reasonable.

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