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I graduated with my degree, now I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

So far I've figured out one thing........ TV is a total waste of my life. I've resolved never to watch it again. video games are also on the way out. although i'm still on the internet for like 5 hours a day haha

how about you guys?
Not really. I will watch Netflix or Hulu a couple of times a week, but that's all. I don't even own a television anymore
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Nah. It's been years since I've actually sat down to watch tv for more than 5 minutes.
Only when I'm eating my dinner
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everything that you've come to expect

Outside of baseball and hockey, not really. There are shows I watch but use netflix or streaming sites for those
No, actually. Kinda weird.

Every so often I buy a month of Netflix and watch Breaking Bad and other such shows through and through.
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Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are all I regularly tune in for. Sometimes military specials if I'm bored.
I watch my little brother for about 9 hours every day, so i'm always watching Nick Jr or something like that.

On my own time I really only watch TV after i've shut off my PC and hopped into bed for the night, and then it's only HGTV or basketball.
I'll make an exception on weekends and stuff when Income Property is on because I love that show.
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Yep. New episodes of The Walking Dead and Mad Men. I'll also turn it on just for background noise whilst I browse the Internet because I'm a wasteful piece of human garbage.
I watch TV when I eat lunch or dinner on the living room instead of the kichen or the dining room.

Usually it's either re-runs of "House, M.D." on FOX, "Ridiculousness" on MTV, "Rick's Restorations", "Pawn Stars" or "Fast'N'Loud" on History Channel, or whatever's on at the moment on Fuel TV or Motors TV.
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I watch TV Programmes but not TV. I don't own a TV License so can't. I occasionally use on demand services though.
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Don't have any kind of cable subscription, but I subscribe to Netflix. I'm really only watching Walking Dead at the moment (which I get through iTunes, nearly in real time), and Mad Men once it comes back on.

I'm probably going to cancel my Netflix account; I have a phobia of relying on a stable internet connection :P iTunes is okay because, depsite the additional cost, it's not streaming so once I have it, the Internet can go to hell. I'm likely going to go back to buying blu-rays.
i watch shows but not like tv with commercials and shiz i ain't a sucker
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Not in years.
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I almost only watch BBC world news, and I watch that around 30min a day.
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Yep lots. Cable too. Dont have much to do outside of work. And need something on I the backround when trying to sleep.
I don't even have a TV.
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netflix wins.
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No the TV doesn't work here. But I watch The Wire on my laptop
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there are some shows on right now that i really like i just can't be bothered
i don't know why i feel so dry
I have the TV on almost constantly either to watch or as background noise, but it's either Netflix, video games, HBO GO, Youtube, or some other video service. The only things I ever watch on an actual channel at this point are sporting events/ESPN, and Seinfeld/Simpsons reruns while eating dinner
I haven't really taken the time to watch TV for almost 8 years. But that's because I've been living in countries where people don't speak English.
Not really. I haven't really watched much tv in the past 5 years or so. I might watch an hour or so per week as a weird way of spending time with my family.

I watch a lot of youtube, play a lot of video games, and just browse the internet.
hockey and really shit shows that are on early in the morning when im baked in bed and too high to use my laptop
Does having the TV on while I do stuff count? Cause then yes, constantly.

But if I have to pay attention, then no not really. Some Star Trek reruns, some sports, some stuff I DVR, and that's about it.
I cancelled my cable a few years ago, even had free HBO, but I only stream now. TV is pretty much over as an industry.
Haven't turned my TV on in over a month. I only use it to watch DVD's, and I don't buy DVDs anymore
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