i've been watching videos online and noticed that the guitarist like sungha uses a wee bit of strength and he produces great slapping sound. I've also noticed that the distance between the string and the last fret is much closer than mine. Mine's about 3mm but i need to slap rather hard in order to produce sound. Any suggestions on making it easier for me to do such percussion with minimal strength?

Does lowering the saddle affect the strength for slapping? Strings? truss rod adjustments? many thanks!
I think he probably has quite a lot of compression and volume in his setup. He also probably has a microphone kind of pickup inside his guitar, or just a microphone or more outside of it, rather than a saddle pickup. This will make a big difference for that. Also a lot of the time things like that can be technique. Sometimes things look easy and effortless, because they are, but the technique and strength and power of the musician lets them do powerful things effortlessly. for me, there is a little bit of a whip action for slapping the strings with my thumb, which may make it look like I am using less power than I am. The slap sound is not coming from my strings hitting the fretboard.

I wouldn't worry about changing the setup of your guitar for that. More often than not it's not the gear that is responsible for what a guitarist is able to do it's usually technique and practice. The gear makes things a bit easier though, and in some cases it can be the gear, usually in extreme cases. But, I can do anything I can do on my Taylor, on any bad guitar, it just won't sound as nice, and won't be quite so easy/clean possibly.
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