Ok, I've been playing guitar for like a year now, and bang I decided to build one from scratch for a school project (bad idea, I know). Anyway, deadline is next week, and I can't work out how to wire the pickups.

I basically want a LP/SG setup, BUT I am using a filtertron (humbucker)(bridge) and a SINGLE COIL in the neck. I also have a 3-way switch, 2 tone pots, 2 caps (for the tone pots), 2 audio pots, and the jack.

I got a wiring diagram with the pickups (from GFS), but I don't really understand it and it doesn't show exactly what I need (shows LP setup). So, can you help me out by explaining what I should connect to what, e.g: jack ground to tone left ring (or something like that)

I've already looked at the seymour duncan guitar wiring 101/102/103 articles, so please don't just post those as an answer.

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So, can you help me out by explaining what I should connect to what, e.g: jack ground to tone left ring (or something like that)

That's exactly what a schematic/wiring diagram is. Sounds like you need to learn how to read a schematic.

There should be no difference with a filtertron and a single coil, you just have a hot and a ground for each pickup. I don't see why you couldn't use the LP diagram for it. If you don't like the GFS one, google is your friend. Searching 'wiring diagram' instead of 'schematic' might yield you something that looks more familiar.

If you're still stuck, post the diagram you're using and ask questions. You can get plenty of wiring help here if you put in some effort but I don't think anyone is going to write out instructions for you when that's the entire point of diagrams.
ok thanks roc8995, so when I'm soldering the ground wires (I have two on my filtertron) can i put them all in the same glob of solder, or should they be separate?

You're pretty much right though, I don't really know how to read it because I don't fully understand the parts - however, I'm under loads of time pressure to finish the guitar by next friday so my brain isn't really working anymore
Relax and take your time - doing a good wiring job doesn't take too long. You have plenty of time to get this figured out. Find a wiring diagram that looks the least confusing, start wiring. Come back and post your wiring diagram and pictures of your work if you want input on how things are going.

For grounding - yes, you can connect those wires. For low-current, low-voltage applications like guitar wiring, you can treat all grounds equally - that is, you can assume that anything connected to ground at any point is ok. It's different with amps where you've got a lot more power zipping around, but on a guitar you can get away with pretty much anything as long as the connection is good.

That said - good practice on guitar wiring is called "star" grounding, where you ground everything to the back of (usually) one of the volume pots, with the bridge ground wire attached. So it ends up looking like a star because all the ground wires come off of that one spot. It's not mandatory but it's a bit cleaner and easier to diagnose or fix if need be. Something to consider if you want to do things the standard way.
ok thanks so much for your help, after taking apart my epi sg and poring over the wiring diagram I think I'm getting there, however there's one last thing - what do I connect the cap's to? would I be right in saying that the caps go from the middle ring on the tone pot to the right ring? It's what it looks like in my sg, but to be honest I can hardly see because there's so many wires in the way...
There are a few ways to do tone caps. This is why you need to use the diagram, it should be very clear. Directions like right and left can be confusing because you may have pots facing different ways, or be defining directions differently than I might.

Here is a decent one:
ah, this explains a lot, thank you! My diagram simply has the caps kind of floating around the tone pot without actually indicating what you solder them to
Hi again, just coming here to say I've done it all! (Yeah!)

Bad news is, I've got some annoying (loud, its not a tiny thing you can barely hear) hum/fuzz/buzz. This comes in when:

Switch: Bridge --> constant hum, louder than the other hums i'm getting, sounds different too
Switch: Both or Switch: Neck --> hum comes in as I turn up the volume on the bridge pickup

do you think from this info you could guess where I've gone wrong? thanks!
If I got it right there should be an image here

Top left is neck vol
top right is neck tone
bottom left is bridge vol
bottom right is bridge tone