I bought an ESP EC 1000 about a year ago. As stated in the title it has the EMG 60/81 set. I am wondering why the neck pickup seems to fade in and out when switching pickups. The bridge pickup works great, but if I switch over it either 1) picks up a really weak clean sounding signal or 2) makes no sound at all. Is this just some connection problem and I should take it to the shop? I have taken excellent care of it, it is mint condition so I am not sure what the issue is. I also put a new battery in because it had the original in it still.
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The active pickup quick connection inside of the pickup cavity may be loose. Thats easy to check. Just pop the pickup out and see if the connection is messed up. Also mess around with your rhythm volume pot on the guitar a bit to see if that has any effect. The ec1000 has a separate volume pot for the bridge and neck pickups
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It sounds like it is a bad connection in the switch. I have experienced the same thing on countless of guitars with that type of switch.
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