I have a quick question for the Metallica fans. My guitar is always in tune when i play, but if I try to play a song from Ride The Lightning (rythm parts of Fade to Black for example), I can hear that it's not the good tuning. And I'm not able to find the right tuning. When I look at some tabs, it's written "Standard Tuning", but i'm 200% sure that it's not standard tuning.

I had the same problem with the song Still Loving You by Scorpions. My questions are Which tuning are they using, and WHY ?

Thanks for your help
There are many examples of recordings where the instruments have not been tuned properly, if you by that mean the A 440hz that we most commonly use. Maybe the musicians did not have an accurate tuner, maybe they tuned all instruments to a piano that wasn't in tune or maybe something else. There are also examples where the recordings were sped up post recording, which lead to an increase in pitch.

I remember having read that For Whom The Bell Tolls is an example of the latter, as it is supposedly a quarter tone above E Standard tuning. Some Iron Maiden songs are also impossible to play along to in my experience.

When I think of it, there is actually an example of where it was done intentionally. I believe Dave Mustaine tuned everything a quarter note down on the first Megadeth album. I think the reason behind it was to make it harder to learn their songs...
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It's not far off from E-Standard tuning. Just tune to Eb Standard and call it good. Or hell, try it in D Standard, C Standard....whatever you want. I don't get why people are so hung up on sounding EXACTLY LIKE THE ALBUM BRAH. Play it your own way.
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Quote by KailM
I don't get why people are so hung up on sounding EXACTLY LIKE THE ALBUM BRAH. Play it your own way.

I'm not trying to sound like them, i just want to play with the original song. But if it's too difficult, i'll use backing tracks. I was just curious about the reasons of such a tuning