Ok so I have a Fender blacktop and one of the pickup configurations allows for both of the humbuckers to be on at the sometime. Today earlier I was experimenting with the configurations but didnt really notice a difference between having just the back pickup and both the pickups on. So my question is, have anyone here ever had this type of set up and did you like it. Also could it be possible that the pickup might just not sound good with both on at the same time. Thabks
Two humbuckers is really, really common, probably the second or third most popular pickup configuration. Obviously a lot of people like it.

How they blend depends on the pickup models and how they're adjusted. Sometimes the issue you experienced can be solved by either lowering the volume on the neck pickup or lowering the pickup itself to reduce its volume a bit.
on a les paul it can be very aparent with independent volume controls. so you can lower the neck pickup to like 5-7 and keep teh bridge on 10 and it gives a fairly drastic tone changes in the middle position. one of the best things i like about a 4 knob config. conversely, i dislike the 4 knob config because if you like to adjust your volume mid song constantly , well, kinda hard if you have 2 knobs....

on my carvin i really really like the middle setting. it sounds a lot like the bidge setting but slightly more full. my bridge pickup is significantly hotter, so its probably teh dominant tone. its like 13 k to about 8-9 k in the neck.
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I think the standard 2V2T quad of controls is next to useless. That's especially true if you have the setup that makes the entire guitar lose volume if you back off either one of the volume controls when you're in the "middle" position with both pickups selected. Since most people just dime all four knobs, they can and probably should be rethought.

I've got a lot of alternative assignments for those knobs. One actually involves an active preamp, and one knob is a master volume, one is an active treble boost/cut (the middle position on 5 is about what you'd get if you'd dimed a standard quad of controls), one is an active bass boost/cut and the fourth knob is a blend knob for when the selector is in the middle position.

Part of the problem with the middle position on Les Pauls these days is that the pickup selection is no longer the same as it was on a '59 burst. Until the '80's, both pickups were identical on most guitars. Manufacturers didn't get into making the bridge pickup hotter than the neck until just about 30 years ago. They call it a "balanced" setup, but it's really not.

On several of my guitars I'm actually running a hotter neck pickup -- one has an 18Kohm neck pickup and a 9.2kohm bridge pickup. No question that there's a LOT more volume from the neck pickup, but the result is actually a better sounding guitar in all three positions, a really usable neck pickup, etc.
I use that configuration all the time for clean tones, I find it gives a bit more bite and clarity on my guitars than just the neck pickup, but has far more warmth and glassiness than just the bridge. On my Les Paul especially, it has a VHII in the bridge that's super crisp and cuts really well, but if I combine that with the DiMarzio FRED that's in the neck it almost sounds like a single-coil.

I'm pretty much the exact opposite of dspellman on this though. I love 2V2T control setups because I like to have a variety of sounds. I have a song written to mostly have a straight forward distorted bridge sound for most of the way through, but I wanted to emulate a fuzz a little bit on the solo so I backed the volume of the neck off a tiny bit and rolled the tone all the way back, and it gave me a really warm, creamy sort of a sound and it would be impossible to switch to that quickly enough from a dimed bridge pickup on my Schecter that only has 1 volume and 1 tone, but my HH Tele and my Les Paul do it perfectly.
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Ok I know that everyone is talking about their experience with the Les Pauls, but what about a strat style guitar. The strat has two tone knobs and one volume knob. The main reason im asking is because lately I have been playing more heavier stuff and was wondering if having these two pickups on at the sametime were supposed to make the guitar sound more heavy. So would the Les Paul's sound heavier with this setting?
Quote by Patsfan1281
The main reason im asking is because lately I have been playing more heavier stuff and was wondering if having these two pickups on at the sametime were supposed to make the guitar sound more heavy. So would the Les Paul's sound heavier with this setting?

No, not really, not in either case. "Heavier" was never the object of engaging both pickups.

BTW, if you have a three-pickup strat (say, two humbuckers and a single coil in the middle), there's not normally a position that has both humbuckers engaged at the same time, as happens on a Les Paul. It's possible to gain that through some wiring (and switching) changes, but it's not a normal feature of those guitars.
I have the Blacktop strat, which has just two humbuckers and the middle selector option is for both the humbuckers to be on at the same time
Nah, but I always wanted to do that, man. I think if I were a millionaire I could hook that up, though.
There's a guy I know on another board who talks about how awesome 3 singlecoils or 3 P90s sound when all engaged simultaneously. I've considered modding a guitar to do just that...but first, I'd need to buy more guitars.

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Do you hear difference in volume between neck and bridge pickups? My guess would be that bridge pickup is louder in your guitar. Try to adjust height of neck pickup.
Not really, I can switch from the front and back pickups and notice a difference in tones, but when I do the middle config, I dont really notice much of a difference between it and the full bridge humbucker
You should hear at least a slight difference. You may want to do a quick tap test to be sure you guitar functions properly. With your guitar plugged in and your amp on take a screwdriver and tap on the poles (the metal screws on the top of each pickup) and cycle through the pickup selector. If you tap and hear a noise, that coil is active and if not that coil is off. This should be how the pickup selection works on your guitar: Position 1. Full bridge pickup Position 2. Two inside coils Position 3. Full neck & bridge pickups Position 4. Outer neck single coil Position 5. Full neck pickup.

If this is not the case the switch is dirty or broken or something is wired wrong.

One of my requirements for a guitar is an HH setup. And strat or Les Paul, an HH guitar is an HH guitar. The middle setting isn't mean to sound heavier, it's just another option. I actually hate the sound of it and have installed 2 way switches on my 2 guitars that have toggle switches. So now I can only do 1 pickup or the other. My 7 string has a blade switch and I have yet to make that a 3 way but that guitar is getting a new body soon and will wire it with a 2 way toggle.
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