I gave it a full set-up.
Had someone else set it up multiple times.
So many string gauges have been tried.
I even got a $22 set of Circle K strings.

The lowest string is never audible but I don't want to dump more money into it.
The 3 lowest strings always rattle no matter how high I go within reason.
The intonation requires me to get longer screws too, Anyone else have this problem?

Can someone maybe list their strings they play?
or something that might help?
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> but I don't want to dump more money into it.
there's your problem
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I don't really have any of these issues with my rg8. What string gauges are you using, and what are you tuning to?

I tune to EBEADGBe (Animals as Leaders tuning), and I use a 0.80 on the low E. Can't remember the other strings off the top of my head (can't measure them at the moment for you either), I *THINK* the low B is a 0.74 or a 0.72. I had a 0.68 on there but didn't like it. The other 6 strings I think are a 10-56's.

No real issue with intonation, however the guy I bought the guitar from had done all that work himself. He used a 0.72 for the low E and it was bad, so I had to file out the nut to allow the 0.80 to fit as well as unwind a small part of the string to get it to go through the tuning peg. I didn't want to grind the tuning peg down at the time, unwinding a little bit of the string works fine.

As for the audibility- with the stock pick ups the low E is going to be very dull through most amps. You can hear it but it's not snappy and crisp, it's much more like a bass guitar. You can try compensate with amp/effects settings, however really I think the best way forward is a new set of pick ups. I don't have any in mine as I can't afford it and don't play the rg8 enough to warrant the expense at the moment, however guitars I've played with upgraded pick ups definitely sounded nicer.
Just to add- I found the lowest string rattled badly until I hit the 0.80 gauge. It still has a mild buzz on some frets, but I've done all the adjustment I can to correct it. The buzz is so mild it's not worth worrying about anyway.
Another guy on here (username pushingthrough) I helped with his RG8 in the 7 String Legion thread said he got his playing pretty well. 11-86 Circle K set. Also I don't know who did your setup but you'd be surprised how little techs know about anything with more than 6 strings. Here's how I set up my RG8 when I had it and it played great, same results with pushingthrough, if this doesn't work for you you may need a fret level or some sort of work like that:

Quote by TheStig1214

If you have a small ruler that does 32nds or 64ths of an inch lying around you can set it up so with the truss rod, the lowest string is 3/64ths of the 7th fret and then adjust the saddles so the lowest string is 5/64ths, the low B is 4/64ths and the rest are 3/64ths over the 19th fret.

I also told him that for a the really low string you need on the bottom end (at least an 80) you will need to drill out the bottom tuning peg, and quite frankly if you haven't done that yet I am not surprised you're having issues.
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If you've had it set up and it still doesn't play well, with ANY string gauge, there's either something broken or you took it to a terrible tech to get it set up.
Get a fret job. Level + crowning + polish

9/10 factory guitars need one. If you're playing an extended range like this and it's not cooperating I think a fret job will really help you.
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