what were your favourite memories when you were at school?

for me

seeing my mate slip on the ice outside of school.
None of them. School was nothing but boredom.
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The time I opened my exam results and all the hard work had paid off to allow me a firm grounding and get a good job whilst all my friends who dicked about wept about their future.

Pay attention in school kids! *Cheesy grin*
Grade School - My friend setting a treadmill to full speed, jumping on it sideways, and achieving flight as well as a rash.

Associate's Degree - The day the school had a fire, and someone hastily put up a sign saying "Campus is temperliy closed due to recent a fire"

Bachelor's Degree - Figuring out that university isn't about the subjects you're learning, it's about being able to handle life stresses on top of responsibility, and to be a good person.
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slipping on the ice outside of school while my mates just watched :0
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I don't really have any. I was homeschooled. But for the one year that I went to public school, all I remember is being bullied.
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Fapping in the janitor's closet while my mate slip on the ice outside of school.
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Another year lost to the blue line
me and my buddy hanging in a ditch listening to taking back sunday cause he didnt want to go to baseball practice and didn't want his dad to find out
For me, during the age of like 13-14 I moved from Wales to France and went through school there. It didn't work out and I returned to my old school in Wales. That gap year was huuuuuge in terms of the evolution of how people behaved and changed in the last two years of secondary school. Puberty was finally hitting everyone hard and looking back at it is a comforting memory of coming of age per se.

I'd say I was the perfect example of an inbetweener. Someone that wasn't a complete outsider, but neither really known by anyone either. It allowed me to be around every event that happened and not get too involved if things went to shit.

The development is definitely the most interesting thing for me. Seeing people turn into stoners that lose all interest in succeeding, seeing the once confident girls become totally insecure with who they are and do things they never would have done if they were their old self. Seeing once best friends become worst enemies over reputation with gangs. Then those that survive.
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High school - Discovering weed with my friends and doing stupid shit. Also forming several bands (some of them were more comedy acts than actual bands) and playing shows at school functions.

College - All the performance opportunities in general have been great. The parties my freshman and sophomore year. And girls.