Hey guys, I have a B.C. Rich mockingbird Pro X custom with Floyd rose and It won't stay in tune? I've locked down the nut. Still doesn't stay in tune so at this point the fine tuners only work for so long and sooner or later I have to unscrew the nut and tune it again and mess with the bridge. If you could help me with my problem that would be great!
have you stretched the strings? have you set it up right?

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It's probably because of spring tension. Are the strings going flat or sharp? If flat, you have to loosen the springs, if sharp you have to tighten them.
The basic thing to do is to stretch the strings before and during tuning; keep stretching them until they stay in tune. Tune the strings to pitch, play some bends and stretch them again. Repeat this procedure.

You may also want to check that all wood-to-metal contact points are tight. Typically these are the neck joints and bridge. Even tiny movements in the joints can destabilize tuning.

Tuning locking trems requires you to follow proper procedure to ensure tuning stability. I hope this link would be of immense help, regardless of guitar brand: http://www.ibanezrules.com/tech/setup/lockdown.htm

Another thing is to ensure that the bridge is parallel to the body after you've tuned the guitar. If it's not, you'll need to properly set up the bridge first.

Playing locking trems may seem cumbersome, but all experts started as beginners. Wish you well and good luck!