Hey good people. Sometimes my old mind is highly challenged not to mention my music abilities, but I'm still learning even after all these years.

Does anyone out there have the chords for Melissa Etheridge's songs from her new album "This Is M.E.":

"Take My Number" and "I Won't Be Alone Tonight"?
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Take my number was done yesterday by me..it is accepted already and up.... I will be doing more of her songs in the next week or so...ok... So keep watching for them

Also like a preacher has been accepted and posted as well as all the way home

Ain't that bad by her is just three chords ...basically you play an E chord then a short little riff and then she goes in the one part to a D chord followed by an A chord and then back to the E hitting mainly the top string or two...the E and the A.....that is mainly the entire song....
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1. All the way home
2. Take my number
3. Ain't that bad
4. like a preacher
5. I won't be alone tonight

I have done the above 5 so far... Probably will do even more off her new cd...

Glad I made you happy.... I do the best I can on her songs as well as all others I do...I try to make it easy formatting so everyone can play the songs....enjoy
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