Just as the title stated, I am replacing the power inlet on the rear of my amp. One of the wire clamps came loose and the blade of the inlet itself made contact with the metal backplate of the amp, arched, and melted. Admittedly (if you haven't realized at this point), I am not well-experienced when it comes to the electrical workings of anything.

On the female port of the inlet, it is stamped "10A - 250V" whereas on the male end of the inlet between the blades where the wire clamps connect, it reads "15A - 250V". I had purchased a replacement, but later realized that the blades are larger on the burnt up inlet. Also, the replacement that I had bought is stamped "10A - 250V" on both sides of the inlet. However the wires from the amp still slide snugly on the smaller blades of the aforementioned replacement.

In case you didn't see where this is going, here is my question(s):

Can this replacement be used?

Are there any risks or dangers of using this replacement inlet that isn't exactly like the original taken out of the amp?

I live out in the country. That being said, if the replacement that I purchased will NOT work, where can I order the exact product that I need?

Just in case this information is needed, the amp I am working on is a Fender Stage 160 DSP that I use exclusively for practicing and working on my playing technique. If pictures are needed to further illustrate my problem, I can upload a few. Any helpful information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!
Original power inlet:

Replacement power inlet:

Side-by-side comparison of blades:

That's a fine replacement. Given what happened to the last one, I'd wrap the terminals with electrical tape for some extra insulation and to hopefully keep them from coming loose. It's also a bit troublesome that your amp didn't blow a fuse when this happened, might want to check to make sure the fuses that are in the amp are the correct ones.