Go play it.

The Maestro is odd, it's definitely not for everyone, same with the 3-pickup layout. That plus Gibson's famous QC means you should really the exact guitar you're going to buy.

And make sure you have a great amp before you drop $2k+ on a guitar.
a friend of mine had an actual 63 back in the mid 80s. I loved playing it but the middle pickup can get in the way of picking and the trem is indeed a different beast than what most are used to. you need a very good setup and a fair amount of practice to get it to stay reasonably in tune when using the trem. you can pull up on them which is neat. see Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Live album for some wild trem use with a maestro.

Hendrix used one in 68 and early 69 for recording and live (red house). as mentioned I'd make sure I had a great amp to play it though. personally I'd prefer a standard with a maestro (once again frank marino influence)
ive played this actual one before. i dont mind the trem but i never use it and just swing the arm out of the way. the kicker for me is the middle pickup. i physically hate the feelings of it there as i usually rest my pick in the middle of my bridge & neck pickups so for me physically it feels very odd.

overall i think its a dead sexy guitar though
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I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with this at one of the showrooms (as well as a many other 3 pick up trem sgs), and it played like BUTTER. Something very important to remember is how weird and awkward a middle pickup can be. It can REALLY get in the way and it can take some time to really get used to. I can't remember what the pickup config is, but I much prefer the standard 2v2t pot, where the tone pot for the bridge pickup actually fades in the middle pickup when you need it, while the neck tone is a master tone. I find that it adds just what I need during a performance
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