Hi there all. Just want some help regarding progression.

What progression (ie I V iV) is C, A#, G# in the key of C of course.

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There are many different answers to this.

Assuming you meant A# major and G# major, those are not technically in the key of C, so they would have to be written as secondary dominants, or just written as a modulation to a new key. You could also call A# the bVII if you think of it as Bb, the enharmonic equivalent of A#.

I guess you could write it as:

I, bVII, bVI

With secondary dominants:

I, V/IV, V/bII

With modulations there could be a ton of different answers. But one would be

C: I , Eb: V, IV

It really all depends on the context with the rest of the song and the melody.
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wat u relly need is a new amp

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