Hi guys, this is my first post, but I've been having strange problems with my Squier (sorry) VM jag. The middle switch on the right hand side of guitar gives me a clean sound when selected with neck pup, even when played through a muff pi . It's quite useful at the moment, but I wanted to know if this is designed or just dodgy.
I'm guessing that the switch is dirty and it isn't making good contact. That's probably it.
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Quote by jakub421
I'm guessing that the switch is dirty and it isn't making good contact. That's probably it.

I'd say that's what it is, I've had similar problems occur with the pickup selector in my LTD EC1000, and the neck pickup wiring on my Ibanez RGD. It causes the signal going through the circuits to weaken, so when it reaches your amp and is then driven it sounds clean even with gain and volume up.

Similar to when you take a normally functioning setup with distortion on your amp, and roll the volume down to near zero on your guitar. Even with full gain it can still give you a "clean" sound.

If you want to fix it then it'll probably be a case of getting to the back of the switch and spraying some contact cleaner in there. Or maybe even just a can of compressed air to blow the dust out. Not a difficult fix at all.

However if that doesn't fix it you may need to resolder the connections on the back of that switch. Still not difficult if you have the tools necessary.

Hope this helps. =)
Middle switch on the right hand "activates" bridge pickup however if your left hand side switch is turned on, all other switches are "disabled".


"The Jaguar and the Jazzmaster also shared a dual-circuit setup, one circuit for lead and another for rhythm, each with separate controls, allowing for two preset tone and volume settings between which the guitarist could rapidly switch. The Jaguar, however, had a more complex lead circuit consisting of three switches and two dials on the lower bout: the first two switches were on/off switches for the neck and bridge pickups, respectively, while the third switch engaged a capacitor that served as a high-pass filter. The rhythm circuit, set into operation when the upper bout switch is flicked upwards, had individual volume and tone rollers but no option to choose between pickups. This rhythm circuit has a bassier, neck-pickup only range."
Thank you guys, i'm gonna head down the shops today and buy some contact cleaner and also a book on the wiring of a jaguar haha