Ok I was just wondering how other players progressed, and how quickly you guys progressed. I am just curious. And how log did it take you to be able to shredd?

Here is my progress.
1st week. Learned all major chords, most comon strumming pattern and palm muting.
1st month. Learnt bar chords, power chords, played songs through strumming.
2 months. Learnt how to read tab, played easy tab songs like your beautiful.
3 months. Learnt plucking and learnt nothing else matters intro and stairway to heaven intro.
5 months. Learnt first solo of knocking on heavens door, and Intro of hotel california.
1 year. My basic technical skills are getting better, pull of, hammer on, slides, bends were still sloppy though. Couldnplaynacoustic solo of hitel california
1 year 2 months. Started learning scales, my first guitar teacher.
1 year 5 months. I could improvise yhrough box shapes. Started making riffs and solos of my own, and we reformed our band, lesrnt comfortably numb solo
2 years. Very good at improvising blues stuff, learnt modes, dorian and phrygian. Started tremolo picking, and lagato stuff.
2.5 years. My new riffs are so muh better, and my solo feel more unique tyan last years which was all simple. Learnt stairway to heaven solo. Started I creasing my licks library, was into rock blues.
3 years. My technical skills got cleaner as I was sloppy in my bendings. I started to get out the box shapes, and sort of got rid of the pentatonic and played the proper minor scales.
3 year 5 months. Got focused on alternate picking as I wanted to shredd
3 years 6 months. Alt picking was hard but I was getting better, I could easily pkay 3 note per string but had trouble with 2 note a string.
3 years 8 konths. Learnt sweet child of mine solo, it was a lot easier than I thought.
3 years 10 months. I could shredd now cleanly with 3 nite a string, and 2 notes but not as quick.
3 years 11 months. Focused on my sweeping technique, it sounded very sloppy
now, I am very clean at sweeping, except for Am shape which I am workin on atm. Workig on economy picking, I find it weird bt I wana learn it. I am also making cool scale run that use 4 note 3 note and 2 note per strings, they are vey hard to combine. I feel really shit I could have learnt alt picking earlier, I was just too lazy,my hands were already capable of such speed I just needed synchronization, which was not too hard to develop.

now I want to hear your progress thanks.
I've been playing three years and up to you are. I've done more theory mode formulas, how chords are made. I've looked at major7th min7th dom7th. Also all the diminished and augmented chords. Right know I'm forcing on synchronization do you have any tips on how to improve it? Here's my practice routine

1 right hand
1- warmup - pick every string open for at least 2 minutes each.(pick in different places)
Then play scales on one string, then 2 use metronome 15 min
2-adjacent strings- pick chord and pick all down or all up. Then down and up.
Then two notes per string etc 15 min
3-non adjacent strings- do the same above but string skip. 5 min
4-then hybird picking chords 10 min

2 Left hand
1-spider exercise 10 min
2-play thrills with all fingers 10 min
3-ladder finger exercise 10 min
4-chormatic up and down the neck. 10 min
5-Permutations 10 min

3 Scales
1-major scale on one string 25 min
2-then the same on 2 strings then 3 etc 25 min
3-practice three note per strings scales and play with backing track 20 min
4- modes 10 min

4 Chords and arpeggios
1- learn chords from other lessons 15 min
2- learn basic arpeggios and use them 15 min

5 techniques
1-vibrato 5 min
2 - tapping 15 min
3 - speed picking 15 min
4- legato 10 min
5- sweep picking 5 min

6 Sign reading
1- learn quavers etc and sight read 10 min

7 Ear training
1- learn part of a song by ear 15 min
2- create a song 15 min
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