On nov. 19 and 20th there was a run of strats listed for trade. A MiA strat and 2 MiMs.

It seems odd to me. Is trading guitars a safer way to fence stolen goods? Safer than selling them I mean?

Or maybe I'm being the paranoid guy? i could be. It's just a little odd-seeming to me. There's usually not too many "for trade" ads in the local area. Now a bunch all at once. Just a coincidencd probably.

Was considering offering my Epiphone for the black MiM, but that would just make me Les Paul-less. So probably not a good idea.
Yeah definitely could be stolen, But, I mean, The person who they was stolen from would have to report the serial numbers to the police or something, and they wouldn't know who stole them. And by the time you got one, The guy who "possibly" stole them wouldnt have any trace back to you. Or they are free and clear and the guy wants different guitars.
I would go to a guitar center or something and play one to make sure you like it more.
Strats are extremely common in my neck of the woods, there's a couple dozen different strats for sale on my local CL, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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lots of people buy stuff and can't sell it for what they paid for it ..... trading seems like a logical way to get value out of your gear with out actually selling it for cash and then purchasing something else ....... this stuff happens all the time with muscle cars and classic cars , if your a good Horse Trader you might come out the better part of the deal
i wouldn't worry to much about the guitars being stolen. you'd have to be pretty dumb to put an ad out where anyone could check out the guitars. the only time I'd think twice about that is if the guy trading is from out of town.

as mentioned if items don't sell then trading is your next best bet. anytime you offer to sell on CL you get a ton of trade offers (usually junk lol). I've done some trading on CL and although I got some good stuff it took several listings and a huge amount of patience.
If they are all from the same person it does seem a little odd, but not suspicious. Could be he's looking for a change of pace.
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Well seeing as Strats are one of the most popular guitars in the world......There are a lot of them out there
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