Hi, guys!

I would really like it if you would listen to this song I recorded using my Fender strat and my Tanglewood acoustic. Some of the guitar parts are really inspired by John Mayer.

I really don't know where I'm going with this song, but it would be really cool for me, if you guys would take the time to listen and comment

I will of course C4C

2011 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
2012 Tanglewood TW170

Boss Katana 100w 1x112
Line 6 HD500
Lemme start by saying your guitar sounds great. Sweet tone and a good feel to your fingers. Around 1:30 is very nice with the acoustic coming in. I think this song would really benefit from structuring. In particular, assembling a bunch of melodic parts you can layer over the initial chordal idea and change the dynamic of the song by continually adding until it sounds like something different entirely. The solos are nice but id say place them a little better. Vocals will do a lot of good in structuring/differentiating the song. Again though, really good guitar work