I'm still attempting to learn my voice, and the part I'm struggling with the voice I think I hear is not the same the crowd hears. What are some ways to hear oneself while playing live. accurately I feel that after I figure that out I can practice and work on accuracy and increase my skills. I've tried using a laptop mic and phone recording, but I don't think they are accurate. What are techniques you guys may have used?
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Get a real mic and a cheap interface. This can be well under 200 bucks and it will allow to really hear yourself as you are and begin to make change.

To add on to this; a Shure SM58 mic and something like a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface if you're looking for a cheap, but quality way to hear yourself and make some samples.

Papathaddy, you should be warned that you probably wont like the way you sound at first. Most people don't like their own singing voice at first, some never learn to like it. Keep in mind that a lot of people like unique voices, not the most beautiful ones. Practice (get a teacher) will help.

That's more than you wanted, I know, but I don't want you to hear your voice and then get discouraged!
Eisa, I have to disagree with you. One cannot fix a problem and even improve it without knowledge of said problem. As far as what you are saying about sound waves, I'm totally confused with what you are saying.

There are various interfaces within an adequate price range that are good to great. Op just has to choose. Personally, I love the presonus products and some of their entry level equipment have great preamps.
As of right now I don't care for my voice whatsoever, but hearing myself live will let me at least help me get used to it, and accurately figure out what i like and what areas to improve on.
well maybe I'm a bit too quick to knock recording. but as a pro, balancing tone and choosing the best approach for your musculature is something that takes a lot of practice with. recording does indeed help, but you need focus too.
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