I am building my first guitar on a budget. I need a diagram or listed instructions of how to wire the following-

2 2 wire humbucker pickups
1 volume
1 tone
1 3 way selector lever- with 8 loops

I am an 8th grader, and this is my first time wiring.
thankfully this is easy. I despise seymour duncan telecaster diagrams. The modern tele wiring is wrong. Both pickups turn on in all 3 positions which you don't want.

This isn't as visual but it's the best diagram that actually works.

just remember the ground wire that you solder to the top of each volume potentiometer (knob) goes from one part of the pot to the other. Also make sure to solder the internal ground wire.

say for example on a stratocaster the internal ground wire = that wire that is soldered to that piece of metal that holds the springs to the guitar. Makes sense right?

for 2 wire pickups
the bare unshielded wire put that on the back of the volume knob
the colored wire - to the selector

good luck
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