This sounds great. The vocals are great and the guitar work sounds great. Everything flows together really well. Kind of puts me in mind of a newer 90's track, hah. Great stuff although the guitars can be kind of lost behind the vocals. Really enjoyable track, m'friend!

Check mine out?
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As I listen:

Im gonna start off by saying Im not really into this kind of music but Ill be as unbiased as I can

Good groove to the opening riff, nice harmonics
Voice comes in sounding a little flat maybe? The screaming is cool in the background
Im not really feeling the faster 'second vocal melody' feels rushed
The chorus didn't have the energy I thought it needed until the second half or so
I like the extra guitar line in the background tho
What im assuming is the chorus is going on really long...too long id say
the end is way cool tho props for that

heres mine if ud wanna go and crit one of the songs?
kool guys
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