I really love the electro jazz feel the intro has. Puts me in mind of an anime ending credits sequence or summat. Then the drop into the more heavy stuff works perfect. Really love how this is EQ'd as well. Everything can be heard perfectly. This is something I'd have on my chillout playlist for sure. Keeps your attention all the way through and is just all around beautiful to listen to. The slightly glitched out outro is great as well. Fantastic stuff you have here, dude!

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If star wars had a Heavy Metal band (no not "Vader" lol), then you would be it. You sound like a anrgy mother****ing Yoda.

I sound like an angry Yoda...is that a good thing...or a bad thing? lol
your mix and tone/recording quality is great. veryy AAL/Volumes/djent-esque. got that nice, rhythmically epic sound to it. have to give you props for your clean tones, they're fantastic. not that your distorted tone is bad at all though. your mono-compatibility's great too from what i can hear when i flip my mono switch on my headphones.

the only things i'd say is maybe work on your drum programming(?) a bit (the electronic bits are fine though), they sound a little artificial but in the end i don't feel like it's that big of a deal. the audio and mix quality of the tracks are pretty good so i'm just trying to find stuff, however small, to improve on. also, i think a bass guitar part would make this sound even better than it is already.

lastly, try mastering this, i think it would really help give that final bit of refinement if done correctly.

thanks for the crit on my song btw.