Hello, ladies and gentleman.

While I'm not sure if this type of post is encouraged, maybe I feel after over 10 years here I am granted certain privileges, but maybe that is also just my ego. I am putting forth an offer for special homemade chapbooks. I will be making these all by hand using various materials to construct them (old post cards, cut up old paintings, twine, etc.). Each chapbook will be unique and numbered. I will be using some of the poems on the site (mainly my blog) and writing new ones for each. You can also give me prompts to write about/customize poems, etc.! We can make this a bit interactive.

Due to the time and materials going into the construction of the chapbooks I will be charging $15 a chapbook, which includes shipping. I will be making 20 (or more, who knows).

Please let me know if you’re interested! My assumption is that they will be done by around Christmas time, but I can get them done sooner as well.

I consider this my farewell to Ultimate-Guitar, and would like to leave all my long time friends here a little bone of me. It has been wonderful to grow with all of you, to know with all of you, to learn with all of you.

All the love,

here is a poem

my eyes are singing into the wild-ness where
this Oregon is a beautiful specimen I want to
cradle it in my language and make words for it
like ‘oooomtaaa’ or ‘tyohooooya’ I want to
sit underneath all its trees and become a tree-
person I want to walk around with twigs in my
eyes and when the president calls tell him I’m
‘not surprised’ or that ‘I’ve been expecting this
for some time’ because tree-people will become
indispensable to the wealth of the nation and
I will serve my dumb county proud then come
home to you to take your bark off and lick sap
out of your navel
I'm interested in a chapbook. I can pm you about prompts/payment once I have both of those, or let me know if there's a more convenient contact method. Your recent poems have such a strong and consistent sense of aesthetic to them, they've been a joy to read. Take care.
You were here long before me, it will be strange to see you leave. While I don't know if I could be considered a long time friend, I would like to wish you all the best in the future: writing and otherwise.

I am very fond of your writing, I would be interested in a chapbook, I'll PM you withe details/ideas if that is the way to do this.

I will serve my dumb county proud then come
home to you to take your bark off and lick sap
out of your navel

If those were the last three lines I ever read from you I would be happy, but I hope very much they are not.
I just read some of your work and it just gives you this almost healing feeling or cleansing. It's beautiful.
i would love nothing more than a chapbook from you. i can fb or pm you an address and get you money via paypal or venmo or something.

i'll see you down the road somewhere. i think i can safely say reading your poems has changed my life. thanks, matt. really. it's a wonderful life.
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