well... as the tittle says, i'll be shows some pics of the building process of one Telecaster guitar

here is the main sketch...

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here, some of the materials i used, this is Mahogany for the body and the neck.. and some pieces of the hardware an mics, the 6InLine tuner machines, the tune-o-matic Bridge a the seymour duncan pickups, that is a Hot Rodded set, it comes with a SH-4 JB for the Bridge and a SH-2n for the Neck, awesome set!!

This guitar is all ready done... so i have all the pics but.. i'll upload them later, cause' i'm really tired righ now hehe... so, see you guys later, i'll bring more pics
here are the first cuts to the body blank and the mdf templare

after routering it, this is how it looks like

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Excellent job so far. There is a huge demand for them on ebay if you had the time to make even a few a year. If you've never used ebay to sell before send me a message.

For ebay though in experience i wouldn't worry about painting/staining them at all. Let the people do it. As long as the neck pocket and all is consistent with other tele parts why not.
here are some pics of the neck building process

the blanks (two mahogany pieces)

fisrts cuts

aand after routering, macking the fretslots and the neck contour

here is the wood that i used for the top, it is spalted walnut

and after cuting and routering it looks like this

some previews before placing the hardware and pickups

and the back of the body

i also have the pics of this guitar process ... i'll upload that later
a little mod i did to my telecaster

remove the neck pickup and put the pickguard on

how does it looks now?

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