alright guys, after my last post I realized that the Marshall mg50cfx I bought back in the summer is shit. so now Christmas is coming up and I'm possibly on the market for a new one. here's the challenge.

Around $500 cash. if needed, possibly trading in the amp I currently have to go with it
mostly metal, specifically dime and zakk wylde
would like new but not opposed to used if good condition
playing at home
small shop in my home town. but the closest guitar center is about 2 and a half hours. not against driving to it.
current gear stated in sig

if you could, throw in your input. it would be greatly appreciated. I would like a head and cab setup instead of a combo. do your magic boys
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I'm not really a metal fan and only chiming in cause I'm bored at work but...a Peavey Tube Vyper or 6505 may work well for you. But to my ears, Wyld's tone seems a bit Marshally, maybe a Valveking(one of the newer versions) or an Egnater Rebel or a Marshall Class 5 with a pedal for the hefty stuff. Maybe a Jet City?
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Dime was known for RG100ES'

Zakk a marshall stack likely JCM100, but IIRC he has a signature marshall.

they really don't overlap in tone at all/

maybe the jet city could be a good middle ground?

JSX's are nice you can find them used in a 2x12" combo for $500.

in MY opinion, i don't really think you could get good half/quarter stack until the $1000 area. my.02 and in most cases.