Hey guys,
I recorded a video for fun as an experiment, to check if a Roland Cube could sound, well, "heavy". Here's how it turned out:
The Video
Hope you guys like it
Sounds pretty heavy to me.

Though a tip for the future, stuff like this should probably go in the Originals Sub-Forum
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sounds like a can of bees. no weight to it at all.

Shhhh, don't tell anyone
I know it does, but I think that it would sound heaps better if I had a proper mic to record it.
A quality mic and a little EQ might get you there. Not too bad though for a shoestring bedroom recording.
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Shhhh, don't tell anyone
I know it does, but I think that it would sound heaps better if I had a proper mic to record it.

u'd be much better off with a better amp --- the sm58 is quite a decent mic
its basically the 57 in most aspects... the source matters more than the mic/eq/interface etc.

a mesa mark v will sound huge, even through a cheap chinese mic and a budget interface.
a roland cube however will always sound thin and buzzy--- especially when recorded with good mics and pre's and etc. Good mics dont magically transform the sound of your amps-- they only capture whats there to begin with

edit -- checked the vid again ... doesnt seem to be a 58.. but my point still stands.

anyways have fun experimenting!
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Yeah, I've always wanted an SM57 and record an overdriven 5150 (got one, but my landlord would probably just kill me). I also own a pod hd 500x, which I have used live through the 5150's poweramp and that is good enough if not great, considering the ease of use and the array of tones it's possible to get out of it.
That doesn't sound bad at all. Please don't make it sound bouncy and fake like all the other thrash bands out there today. It would help to record it with a real mic though.
Could you explain "bouncy"? Maybe some examples, youtube links? That's intriguing.
Not a bad sound at all, production makes all the difference. Those little Cube speakers are super bright but if you catch em off axis it's pretty good. I bet a ribbon would work wonders!

PS: You need to get those monitors up on stands, man! 6.5" drivers coupled to a flat surface in a tight corner - the bass must be an absolute bitch to control...
Thanks for the tips.
I have to admit that the room I do my work is not the best environment for mixing, even with decent monitors squeezed into a brick wall corner I'm going to struggle to come out with a good mix. Eventually I will have to solve that, but for now I have neither the time or money to do that, working full-time as a chef. I am looking forward to expanding my work tools with an SM57, so in the future I will be able to record my 5150 hooked up to a proper cab loaded with some v30's, for now it's the pod or the Roland Cube